My Journey

Hi, my name is Ashley Jackson and I Specialize In Branding & Identity + Web Design + Multimedia

I’m a multi-talented creative designer based out of Houston, Texas but am available and servicing clients worldwide. I have experience in art direction, digital media, web design, and print production. I am very detail-oriented, resourceful, and accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments. I have a vibrant and bold approach to design. I create brands filled with individuality and personality. Referred to as the “Goddess of Graphics” my expressive typography and confident color palettes create memorable and iconic branding.

With 10+ years of experience in the design industry, I am seeking a career where I can collaborate, develop ideas, and expand my knowledge and skills as a creative as well as a businesswoman.

I Am An Aspiring Art Director.

I have come to the conclusion that no one fully understands the process of design quite as I do. I have developed a process to consistently engineer every design project so that it can be executed in the most effective way possible. I possess a wide range of abilities that combine art direction and project management including, among others, the following:
  • Meeting clients to discuss and understand the objectives, requirements and estimating the amount of time needed to complete projects.
  • Developing company brand guidelines and design mock-ups for presentations.
  • Working with different types of media, including video, and photography.
  • Collaborating with copywriters, photographers, printers, stylists, illustrators, and account managers.
  • Quickly adapt new strategies to minimize any chaos involving new business changes. 

About Me

My Magic Moment.

I grew up in Houston "Hiram Clarke" Texas. I have always been talented and creative from childhood. As a child, I would draw, make my own clothes, help my mom redecorate the house and spend hours on my computer and organize my music files and search the internet.

Ironically, in grade school, I only attended one design class because I focused more on my performing arts talents. When I reflect on that design class, I remembered my teacher was so amazed at the level of creativity I possessed. I didn't start developing my design skills until I attended college.

Why did you become a designer?
I have always been creative and talented, but my mom wanted me to go to college for a more technical career, and I did. The classes were boring and long-winded so I decided to pursue a career in the design industry. She initially was against my decisions because she never believed I could maintain a successful career as a creative. Presently, I am the only person in my family who has ever pursued a career in the creative industry.

My Formal Education.

As I embarked on the journey to fulfill my goals as a respected graphic designer, my life just wouldn't align well with the plans on me achieving the highest level of education to support my career. I would fail multiple times as a result of financial stability and personal developments. I challenged myself to never give up, so I relentlessly attended a total of four college programs.

Although I have acquired more than enough credits to obtain several degrees, I am proud to have an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design & Multimedia. Sometimes I wish my life could be as perfect as I think my designs are. My only hope is that my ability to survive in life does not reflect my future as an Art Director.

Continuing My Education:
I am always willing to learn new trends within my industry. I take the initiative to attend workshops and lectures to stay up-to-date with design trends and design technology. Currently, I am learning UI/ UX Design to add to my resume and skill set so I can provide to my next team and clients.

Fun Facts

Other than designing, I have a passion for fashion, music, and dance. I also love following home decor trends. I also love to sew different things in my spare time.
  • I have performed in the past two Super Bowl Championships in Houston involving, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Lady Gaga. 
  • When I was attending college for 3D Animation at Art Institute, one of my classmates paid me $1000 to design and develop their clothing line website. Afterwards, I switched my major to Web Design.
  • My favorite food is pizza and French fries, together or separately. 
  • I have an English Bulldog, Deuce.

My Mission

My Industry Contribution.

I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive, by bringing their vision to reality! I am the creator of The Galleria for Business, a blog that offers start-up and small business companies with branding and advertising solutions in the form of interactive digital workbooks that will assist business owners through each business branding milestone while incorporating industry standards and common practices.

My Vision

I want small businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate their business through a successful brand building process. They can download and print the workbooks or share them with anyone they think can utilize the information the most; teammates, family, friends and future entrepreneurs. As a result, they will provide their designated designer all the necessary information to execute a successful branding and identity package hassle free. 

Once I become an Art Director I would make my mission to educate the importance of designer development and communications.

My Dream Jobs

When Dreams Become Reality

I have a fascination with how music, movies, and fashion can make a lasting impression on any individual. I also enjoy how cosmetics can alter women's emotions and boost their confidence keeping them motivated on a daily basis. These industries even help me navigate through life while I am on this journey as a creative. Getting an opportunity to work in the entertainment, fashion or beauty industry would be the perfect merge of my talents and my inspiration.

I would love to align my talents within the entertainment, fashion and beauty industry. I believe that these type of industries are more aligned to my personality as a woman and designer. In these industries, I would be able to not only work for a company that I can become apart of a great team but also work for a company that can positively impact my lifestyle.

I would love to be involved in the following industries:

The Music Industry: as a Brand Manager or Product Manager to help create and implement marketing campaigns to maximize the sales of music from a particular record label, artist, online music service, radio station or other music product.

The Fashion Industry: as an Art Director of all season printed marketing materials, manage all product facing materials, manage and lead all PR activity, including Trade Shows.

The Broadcasting Industry: as a Broadcast designer creating logos, graphics, maps, lower third identification, station bugs, and multimedia designs for motion picture and television productions during any show.

The Beauty Industry: as a Brand Manager or Product Manager, promoting a company's beauty products, cosmetics, fragrances, and/or hair care products. Work with other executives in sales, advertising, public relations, and promotion to examine the demand for beauty products and find ways that the company can meet demand and sales.

Holistic Healing/ Legal Cannabis Industry: As a Brand Manager and Packaging Designer. Once destigmatized, this industry could have its place attracting various demographics. It could even become the next coffee or alcohol, in which case communication is key.

My Experience

Freelance Struggles

As a freelancer, I have worked with business owners, artists, managers, and directors. 
I have battled with how professional I am with clients/companies but I rarely receive the same treatment in return.  

Pros: I learned how to give excellent customer service and how to receive critical feedback.
Cons: I would have to pull all-nighters, become client's project managers, extremely extended or rushed deadlines, and unpaid invoices.


I struggle as an entrepreneur on being unable to grow as a businesswoman without much guidance or mentorship. I created a business to help small business develop their brand. I was able to execute all of the art direction and marketing materials, but I needed to develop the right team to expand the business. These hardships made me make the decision to enter the corporate arena and see if I could tackle a new chapter in my career.

Pros: Opportunity for financial freedom, product development, and content creation experience.
Cons: Financial risks and unsteady pay.

Corporate Response

I have experienced every career level as a graphic designer from an intern, freelancing, entrepreneurship, to corporate full-time positions. I have yet found the right company for me to expand my career goals.

Pros: I tend to find myself the most detailed-oriented person in any team I join.
Cons: management under-develop my talents or impactfully mentor my career, rarely present my own work, receive my own critical criticism and gather my own feedback and changes.

Seeking Mentorship

Corporate Development Needs:

I am desperately looking for a mentor. Living in Houston, TX. I am limited to the connections that could assist me in creating opportunities for me to break into the industries that I can contribute not only my technical skills but my artistic approach to design and branding. I would love to find a mentor who can guide me in the right direction to be involved in the entertainment, fashion or beauty industry where my skills will be more useful and rewarding.

Entrepreneur Development Needs:

I am desperately looking for a mentor. Living in Houston, TX. I am limited to the connections that could assist me in creating opportunities for me to break into the industries that I can contribute not only my technical skills but my artistic approach to design and branding. I would love to find a mentor who can guide me in the right direction to be involved in the entertainment, fashion or beauty industry where my skills will be more useful and rewarding.

Design Development Needs:

As I travel along my new journey as a UI/UX designers I would love to pair up with like-minded individuals who can guide me along my path to success.

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